FISH BOWL TOSS - No fish were harmed in the making of this game. We take glass fish bowls and line them up on a table.  The object is to make your ping pong ball into the waiting bowl.

TIC TAC TOE - the object is to toss wiffle balls into the squares making three in a row.

DIP BOWL - the object of this game is to roll a bowling ball over a mound and into the dip.  Making it stay in the dip is the tricky part.

FRISBEE TOSS - the object is to fling your frisbee through the facade of a landing strip.

SIX BALL ROLL DOWN - the game is played with 6 balls.  The object is to roll all 6 balls and have the score add up to less that 7 and more than 32.

BALLOON DARTS - a carnival classic where the player attempts to burst two out of three balloons

SPILL THE MILK - you attempt to knock down three wooden bottles of milk with two hard balls

RING TOSS - the object is to toss a wooden ring around the neck of an object on a table.

GO FISHIN’ - this game is reserved for younger players.  We take a game booth and cover it with drapes. the child places his “fishing pole” into the opening and comes out with a small prize.

BASKETBALL TOSS – A challenging game of hoops. Make two out of three baskets and win a prize.

FIRE ALLEY – This great game of skill and chance requires precision balance and control. A ball is placed at the top of your alley. The object of the game is to get the ball to get to the end of the alley without falling through the holes along the way.

TIP THE CAT – The object of this game is to knock down two out of three fuzzy cats with your bean bags. 

CROSS BOWS – Targets placed in a plexiglass box are knock down by your guests with a cross bow and safety darts.

RING THE BULL– a ring of rope is used to toss over the horn of the waiting bull’s head.

WOODEN NICKEL TOSS – the object is to toss a wooden nickel onto a table layout with winner’s rings painted on the board.

FLOATING BEACH BALL – a beach ball floats on a bed of air. The object of the game is to knock the beach ball off of the bed of air and win a prize.


THREE PIN BOWLING - Player rolls a puck to knock down 3 miniature bowling pins.

FIVE PIN BOWLING - Player rolls a puck to flip over 5 stationary bowling pins.

7 – 11 - Player tosses a ball into a points box to score 7 or 11.

BALL BINGO - Same as bingo except that the player tosses 10 balls into a bingo board in an attempt to line up 5 balls to win.

POOL SHARK - The object of the game is to knock the quarter off of a cue ball with another pool ball

CAN CAN - Player tosses bean bags at 5 cans in an attempt to knock all down in one shot.

DART BULL’S EYE - Player tosses darts to score on targets

DART POKER - Player tosses darts at playing cards to attain a winning hand.

MINIATURE GOLF - hole in one wins.

MONEY WHEEL- Player spins a point’s wheel in an attempt to land on the number they choose.

SHUFFLEBOARD - Player bounces a puck off of a surface to land the puck in the scoring area.

Slapshot Hockey - Player shoots pucks at a life-size goalie to score points by landing the puck inside the net